To me, visual effects are where the real movie magic is happens in post-production.

Since first diving into filmmaking, I've been drawn to visual effects.  I love the idea of creating something from nothing, or even fixing problems seamlessly.  I've been working in After Effects since the days of Adobe CS4.  As of late, I've been drawn to compositing.

My favorite shots are those that don't draw any attention to themselves.  If I'm able to seamlessly aid the story evolving on screen with no hint at my involvement, it's a job well done.  Visual effects shots provide the opportunity to solve problems in new and creative ways, and that's very exciting.  While I have done a variety of shots in After Effects and Cinema 4D recently, much of this work can't be displayed on this site.

If you're interested in knowing more, please let me know at david@davidniemanmedia.com.