With all of the tools available, the need for a comprehensive understanding of post-production is only increasing.

I get pretty excited about workflow - or more precisely, I get excited when figuring out a way to make the process better.  Since my time in college, I've immersed myself with nearly all aspects of post-production, from the planning stages of pre-production through delivery.  This has given me both the knowledge of standard practices, as well as the opportunity to customize these workflows in unique cases.

At Breakwater Studios, the philosophy behind post has been flexibility and ease of use for all of the artists involved to produce the best possible result.  I customize the technology and processes we use on a project-by-project basis, supervising everything from 30 second commercial spots to documentary feature films.  It comes as no surprise that these two types of content vary greatly in their needs.  Understanding the variety of options available for a workflow, and their benefits on a given project, is a knowledge that has come through a lot of research and experience.

At the end of the day, all of our work in post production comes down to a series of zeros and ones stored on a magnetic disk - what a brave new world...