"The Neighborhood," 2015

"The Neighborhood," 2015


Outside of editorial, color might have the largest impact on a film in post production.

As the colorist on a film, there's so many important variables to control.  Colorists as we know them today haven't existed for very long.  It's only in the last two decades that we've been able to digitally pick apart the look of a film.  As the colorist, I have the opportunity to steer the focus in a shot, create visual drama, and ultimately create the vibe that the director and DP originally had for the scene.

My background in the technology and processes behind post-production let me work very efficiently as a colorist to provide the best possible image at the end of the process that both looks great and aides the story being told.  I've worked with everything from the DSLRs to Alexa footage, and many things in between.

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