Terminal for Post Production - Introduction

Welcome internet!  To kick off this new blog, I’ll be writing a series on Terminal commands and light shell scripting for Mac.  I’ll start by saying that the vast majority of this information is already available online - just scattered, and often not tailored for post.  Here, I’ll be aggregating some of the most useful commands and tools in terms of workflow and file management.  I’ll be assuming that you’re a filmmaker with some technical know-how rather than a trained developer.

We’ll start with an overview of Terminal followed by the basic syntax that you’ll need to know.  I’ll then be posting regular articles on useful commands and their options.  Finally, I’ll show you some ways to string these commands together in a shell script.  This is very lightweight programming that nearly anyone can get into, and it can save huge amounts of time in a post-production environment.

I’ll be updating this introduction post as an index for all of the future posts in this series.  It might get pretty nerdy in here, but I promise it’s worth it.  Stay tuned for future articles on Post-production!


Shells and the Interface

Syntax pt. 1 / MAN Pages

Moving Around ( cd & ls )